♂ Meet FIONA BARTETT, she is SEVENTEEN years young and portrayed by ARIANA GRANDE.

I’m in a ‘trial and error’ phase. I’ll make it.“ 

SecretFiona was born male, but through various surgeries and self-isolation from her peers, she’s been able to keep it far under the radar with no interest to let it toil to the surface.


Grade: Junior.

↳  Personality

Fiona is a girl who comes from a kindhearted and gentle nature. She’s in a whole world of her own, though. Her mind is an imaginitive palace that not everyone is willing to understand. Coming from a harsher, undiscovered background, Fiona isn’t too sure on what it takes to fit in with the rest of the social crowd. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t party, she doesn’t swear — just your average, gentle and observant soul. She may not understand the complete ins and outs of fitting in, considering she’d been isolated a good amount of her lifetime with little time to figure things out, the girl is still willing and learning to fit in. She’s definitely afraid of the unknown, though. Sure, Fiona loves to challenge things that come anew to her, but deep down, she’s afraid it might harm her. So, she tries her hardest not to go overboard with her broadened ambitions. Ever since she was young, Fiona never tried to stand out much. But, back then, she had her reasons for not wanting to stand out in a crowd. Now that she’s in a place where she can finally be free to be herself and express who she truly is, Fiona fears she just doesn’t know how. If there’s anything the girl learned, it’s that practice takes perfect and you learn from the fall. Granted, she’s a wildchild when left alone. She dances around and prances along to whatever it is that makes her happy. She sings songs from the heart and has a voice as body tremblingly well as that of any broadway singer. Though, she lacks the ability to find the confidence in her own nature to bring that side of her for the rest of the world to see. With her past constantly haunting what her future might look like, Fiona keeps herself overly secure. She hasn’t let anyone in, and as far as she’s concerned, no one needs to know about her. They don’t need to know what she’s been through to become who she is today — and if anything, letting anyone else word of who she used to be could shadow their judgement on who she is today. Fiona isn’t well equipped enough to handle the ridiculing words, even now. 

↳  Backstory

Fiona had always been the star child growing up, always wanting this and that with high hopes and aspirations they’d come true. She’d try on pretty dresses and put countless bows in her hair in hopes it’d spruce up whatever outfit she’d thrown together. She’d dance around with ribbons and her voice, for being so young, was impeccable and of undeniable talent. Though, the only “issue” here, was Fiona wasn’t really Fiona at all. Nor was she identified as a female at all. No, up until age thirteen, Fiona Bartett was actually named Calvin Bartett. He went about his childhood dreading the physical attributes that made everyone perceive her as a male. She was a trapped soul, born in the completely wrong body. Calvin never played with any of the other kids, and he never fit in anywhere. No one ever really understood Calvin, and he never had any close friends growing up. His mother was the one most distressed about what their child would become. She had her suspicions that their son was  unhappy as well as unnaturally feminine in consideration to all the other little boys running about the schoolyard. Though, Calvin’s father had a much different opinion on the manner. He watched Calvin with a determined intent, certainly aware that his child was as different as they come. It wasn’t until Calvin turned twelve when he came out to his father, who, to Calvin’s surprise, only nodded knowingly. His hair had reached past his shoulders by then, and was determined to let his locks continue to mask over the male part of him he wanted to put to rest already. Calvin’s father was on board with his transformation since the word go, and had no issues with transferring from having a son to a daughter. His father always wanted to have a “daddy’s little girl”, and Calvin found this more dear to his heart than anything else. But, the two kept it a secret from his mother as she constantly nagged the boy to change his clothes, or cut his hair — she even punished her son for stealing her make-up as well. But, she could never understand what Calvin was going through, hence why Calvin and his father kept it a secret from her. His father egged the trapped son to try another year of public school, but he just couldn’t do it. Constantly ridiculed and mocked at school, he became a complete social outcast and unable to cope or stand another day in public school, Calvin’s father pulled the child out, and continued his education through at home services. The boy made it another year and on his fourteenth birthday, came out to his mother. She didn’t take the news well at all, and the next day, fled. Calvin was left alone with his father, and though devastated, he wasn’t going to give up on the child God bore him with the responsibility of. The stress of having to continue living a life of a lie was soon replenished; and on Calvin’s sixteenth birthday, Fiona was officially born. He’d undergone countless surgeries to be placed in the body she felt she belonged in all along. Her father was there to hold her hand along the way, never giving up hopes that her child would be accepted into society. At that point, Calvin didn’t exist. Who was Calvin? That name and identity was completely wiped from their household and Fiona was ready to start living the life she should have began sixteen years ago. With her body still healing from the scars, physical and mental, Fiona is still learning who she is and how she can develop into an inspiration for others to follow their hearts. Though, she’s not very large on letting people under her skin, Fiona feels confident enough with herself to take the step she’s been so afraid to tread ever since she was thirteen years old. School. But, with her transformation and in a body she was now able to embrace without having to worry about people finding out, Fiona felt it was time for her to get used to living in the real world she’s been left out of. Her father found Ingenium, and found a private boarding school her safest bet. 


The cherry redhead steps into the neatly organized room, her chocolate brown eyes set on the seat presented before herself. The interviewer gestures her a to take her spot so they can begin. Fiona only bobs her head once before brushing her hands beneath her skirt and do as she’s told. With nervous fingers, she bundles them in an intertwining pattern, batting her lashes nervously as her mind swims for an answer. “She’s.. very quiet.” The girl speaks up softly, unraveling her joined fingers to lift one to her chin, tapping intently for an additional statement. “Uhm.. she’s got a big loving heart. Even though no one’s ever stuck around long enough to.. uh, see it.. it’s there and beating.” She ends with a gentle, closed smile, dimples and all.


The next question brings the young girl nerves, budding in the pit of her stomach and quickly dispersing to her fingertips. She raises two hands to play with the ends of her deep red curls, as a distraction of some sort before looking through her long lashes to smile bashfully at the interviewer. “Homeschool isn’t fun when your only friend is your father. I love my dad, don’t get me wrong. But, some friends would be nice.” She spoke with stars in her eyes, dreaming of the life she’d always wanted to which was now laid out right before her eyes. Fiona felt she’d done a swell job of not letting her true intentions on a new life here at Ingenium bubble to the surface for the interviewer to egg her on about. As he raised his brow, she raised her defenses. “Oh! I sing too.” Fiona giggled with a bounce in her seat, and the interviewer dropped his brow.


There the girl thought she was safe, but again, in the real world, she forgot there really was no sense of security she could indefinitely rely on to truly keep her safe. “O-oh.. I sure don’t know what you’re talking about, mister.” She swayed her shoulders and shook her head, her hands finding their grasp to curl at the bottom of her seat, eyes darting anywhere than on the interviewer’s undeniably unconvinced expression. “There’s no fun in secrets, right? I like fun, so it’d only make sense for me to keep secrets.” Fiona put out for the interviewer’s consideration, letting her shoulders slump forward as her red locks bounced past her shoulders, her plump lip pouting forward as she was done with the topic entirely. It was too dangerous to continue.


Fiona grew satisfied the interviewer decided to give up on trying to get her to open up, and she leaned back in her seat, sitting up and proper with her hands folded neatly in her lap. She kicked her ballet flats forward as her mind churned, eyes wandering about the dots decorating the ceiling tiles. “I can’t be too sure how I’ll deal here. I’ve never been, like really, really, been out there in a school living situation like this. I’ve always been on my own, with no one but myself to hold my hand.” She admitted dryly, her soft voice slowly fading as her gaze dropped into her lap. “But, that’s okay because now I’ll be surrounded by people who might want to hold my hand. I think I’ll be alright.” The red head perked back up, bringing back a smile that soothed her nerves.

The role of FIONA BARTETT, fortunately for you, is AVAILABLE

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